How I use Tarot

Code of Ethics and my Boundaries regarding Tarot Readings

I will not read Tarot for people under 18 years old.

I will not answer about witchcrafts or spells.

I do not conduct Readings about anyone but the client.

I think it’s not ethic to ask questions about someone that is not directly related to you and this is also a privacy issue as well because this third person didn’t give permission to the reading.

I’m not a clairvoyant, I will not predict winning lottery numbers otherwise I was already millionaire.

I will not predict times of death.This is a very inappropriate question because the Tarot is a guide and no guidance can come out of this type of questions/answers, knowing the answer will not help.

If you need to know if you are pregnant, Tarot is not the appropriate tool, a pregnancy test will help you more.This is a matter for doctors, I don’t have the expertise.

But Tarot can help you by showing you how to create a positive experience through your pregnancy and birth, I can help you connect better with your baby.

If you want to see if your cancer will kill you, you should see a doctor, I’m a Tarot Reader..

I’m not professionally qualified to advice you about health.

But Tarot can help showing you ways to get support in this difficult time and maximize the chances of recovery.

I’m not professionally qualified to advice you about legal questions, I’m not an attorney.

Most of the cases this is completely out of your hands, and in the hands of a judge or the court system.

But the Tarot can help you by showing you ways to improve your chances of success and showing you what you need to know about the case.

I’m not a fortune teller reader, neither the weather girl, so I can’t answer about time.

In this particular type of questions, time is relative and depends on a lot of variables that neither I nor you can control.

I don’t tell the future, my way of work is not fortune telling, I’m grounded to guidance.

My Tarot cards will guide you and provide insight into your troubles and concerns and I will not answer prediction questions.

If it was the case I rephrase de question to a more suitable one.

Such as:

What do you need to know about your future husband and showing the impacts, pros and cons about choosing this path or the other, what can you expect about choosing this or that.

The important is that you are the only one to make the decision I can’t influence your decision.

Your free will is fully your own responsibility.

I’m a professional Tarot Reader, therefore, I will be impartial and non-judgment in order to offer you an impartial advice and guidance.

Questions and topics that I will typically rephrase:

Legal questions e.g.: Will I win the court case??

I will rephrase to: What do I need to know about this case?

A third party e.g.: Does my ex-boyfriend loves his girlfriend?

I will rephrase to: Questions focus on things directly related to you.

Health questions e.g.: Will my cancer go into remission?

I will rephrase it to: What can I do to maximize the chances of recovery?

Pregnancy questions: Am I pregnant?

I will advise you to visit a doctor and have a pregnancy test.

Exceptionally in situations that the client committed or will commit a crime, hurt him or others.

Under these exceptional circumstances I’m obliged to report it to the authorities.

My commitment to my clients

I will treat all my clients with honesty, telling always the truth, with compassion, respect and honor each and every one regardless gender, race, background, spiritual beliefs, sexual preference, economic status, and religious views.

I will not make any judgment; I will be compassionate and responsive during and after my Tarot Readings.

There will be no hidden charges attached to my readings.

I will never hide or sugar-coat what the cards indicate.

I will interpret them with as much impartial and objectivity as I can.

Your privacy is protected, your personal information, contacts and readings, your personal details will never be shared unless you give permission to, only for teaching purposes.

All information shared in a reading is completely private.

When the reading ends, I’m not responsible for any outcomes, the client is completely responsible for his decisions.

I’m aware that many people seek Tarot guidance at times of emotional venerability, I’m very careful with the words and responsible about personal empowerment for my clients.

I will not take any advantage of their emotional condition.

I will not read for people that may be under the influence of mind-altering substances such as alcohol, drugs or medicaments.

I keep my promises and commitments, I will not tolerate delays in readings otherwise the next client will be affected.

I will provide a safe, comfortable, welcome environment for my Tarot Readings.

I am committed to ongoing study and practice of the craft so that my clients can be confident they were receiving the highest levels of care and expertise.

I don’t believe that Tarot readings reflect any sort of inevitable future,

I remind my clients that they can affect the outcome of any reading with their free will and this is only their fully and own responsibility.

My mission is to give you practical ways to connect with yourself and give you all the information you need to create the life that you want.

I will offer in my readings suggestions and options to help you dealing and overcome your proble

However, you alone are responsible for your own behavior.

I reserve the right to refuse any reading that is not according to my code of ethics.

There will be no refunds, if you are or will be late for a reading (Chat or face to face), and don’t notify me in time to reschedule your reading, I don’t refund and you will lose your Tarot Reading.

I always put my heart and soul in my work and I invested a significant amount of time, energy and money in order to provide you the best Tarot Reading experience.

All readings have to be scheduled with prepayment so I can arrange my schedule and take no risks of dropouts with any notice at all.

The Reading will only be confirmed and scheduled after the payment is completed.

"Keep spreading Rita’s Love"